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5 Ways To Have Lush Green Grass All Year Round

Lush Green Grass

The grass doesn’t have to be greener on the other side of the fence. It can be the same on your side as well! A well-maintained lush green grass equips your home with a tinge of elegance, elevating its overall appearance. 

While incorporating a few DIY tips can help you give good care to your lawn, it also calls for a significant investment of time and effort. Alternatively, hiring a reliable lawn maintenance service is one of the best ways to ensure an emerald green lawn all year round. 

Read on to find five practical tips to help you achieve lush green grass.

Chop the Grass a Little and More Often

The first step to achieving an impeccable lawn is to stop over-stressing your grass. A few steps to keep in mind are:

  • Consider opting for frequent moderate mowing over a single major cut. 
  • Regularly switch your mowing pattern to avoid the accumulation of grass stems in one direction. 
  • Do not cut the grass more than five centimeters at any given time. 
  • Let the grass grow longer during summer to equip itself to effectively withstand heat and dry weather.

However, hiring a professional landscaping company in town is one of the most convenient ways to offer proper care and nourishment to your grass and the overall lawn. This step will allow you to enjoy the perks of a healthy property without having to stress about its care.

Fertilize Your Lawn the Right Way

Make sure to fertilize your lawn routinely to counterbalance the stress caused by mowing. During springtime, fertilize the grass every thirty to forty days. It is best to opt for mineral-based fertilizer that comprises potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, as this formula boost growth and ensures that your grass retains a good amount of water for nourishment. 

Prepare an accurate dose by following the instructions mentioned on the pack and fertilize immediately after mowing. Alternatively, you can hire an experienced landscaping company to help you offer your lawn the right care.

Water Every Day

While mowing and fertilization are two crucial cultivation steps, irrigation makes all the difference. Water is one of the essential ingredients to ensure a lush green lawn. However, determining the right water requirement for your yard seems a little tricky to most homeowners. This decision is typically made by considering the outdoor temperature, humidity level, and the maturity of the grass. For instance, a newly sown lawn typically demands daily watering to boost germination and strong roots. 

Do you want to enjoy the perks of a lush green lawn without getting into the hassle of lawn care? Hire a professional landscape company to ensure your desired results!

Protect Against Weeds

Are you looking for an effective way to cease the weed invasion on your lawn? Here’s a solution — using a hand scarifier is one of the best ways to eliminate fully-grown weeds. This will eradicate the weeds from your yard and prevent them from growing again. 

Similarly, for deep-rooted weeds (like dandelions or daisies), using a hoe can greatly help. However, if you are new to lawn care, it is best to call a landscape expert for help.

Scarify it

Air is another essential ingredient that roots need to grow strong and healthy. Here’s a tip — scarify your grass to clear your lawn of the grass cuttings, dead leaves, and other debris to provide the breathing space it needs to regenerate. 

Your landscaper can also fill some holes in the ground with coarse sand to enable the water to flow to the roots and bring new oxygen.

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