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Top Ways That Landscape Design Can Improve Your Building’s Safety

Almost every well-maintained facility possesses an enticing landscape. It includes alluring textures, colors, and an array of plants that captivate the eyes and extend a warm welcome to the visitors. Besides beauty, having a lush green and blooming lawn offers plentiful benefits that work to the advantage of their owners and the general public. Additionally, while curb appeal is one of the primary objectives, some good landscaping tactics also enable you to enhance building safety.

Here are some practical landscape design tips to improve your building’s safety.

1. Direct safe traffic and pedestrian flow

Establishing suitable arbors, shrub lines along walkways, and other relevant landscaping features can help you create visible entry-exit areas for your building. The sites that attract foot traffic should be free of thorn-bearing plants, low limbs, overgrown shrub beds, or other potential tripping hazards. It can include irrigation heads, plant stumps, or potholes. This will further enable you to develop a clear vision essential for safe and efficient traffic and pedestrian movement.

2. Light up the night

Installing good outdoor lighting will complement your landscape’s design elements and other focal points. It will also make your landscape look more functional with clear lighting paths, walkways, and entrances. Furthermore, good lighting will equip you to improve your building’s safety and security during the night hours.

3. Manage drainage and run-off flows

Generally, lawns and other landscape areas are natural absorbers of water and thus, slow down the run-offs. However, in case of storms, your building may become deluged with rain which can make it hazardous for everyone. Consider contacting a professional landscape contractor to help you develop good drainage and run-off systems in your landscape to minimize the risks.

4. Reduce fire hazards

A well-planned and established landscape will offer you drivable green space, appropriate fire breaks, and alternative water sources to allow access to emergency vehicles if ever the need arises.

5. Keep people away from certain areas

Consider installing dense landscape and fencing if your commercial landscape design has specific areas that you want people to stay away from. Such sites can include ground-level items like electrical and telecom boxes and higher floor windows.

6. Create waiting areas

During the hot summer season, people need roofed structures to take a break from the sun and rest. Thus, if your building is near a shuttle or bus stop, then such facilities can assist the general public to wait, who can otherwise gather inside your commercial building or make a path across your lawn or landscape. Thus, consider placing some benches, tables, and chairs in shady areas around your property to enhance the safety of your building effectively.

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