Tips To Right Landscaping Plan To Keep Commercial Tenants and Visitors Safe

Landscaping is idealized as a sign of beauty and aesthetics. While a beautiful landscape enhances the beauty of your property, ensuring its safety is equally important! There will be hardly any tenants willing to neglect the safety and security of their apartment landscaping.

Similarly, as a commercial property owner or manager, safety concerns associated with your property might always stay in your mind. Thus, identifying measures to boost safety and minimize risk becomes critical.

Read on to find a few tips that can help you boost the safety aspects of your commercial property.

1. Proper tree care

Trees offer great value to a commercial property. However, they also pose a prodigious risk if not maintained properly. Branches left untrimmed from the walkway area can scrape your visitors and obstruct your security camera and lighting. Fortunately, investing in proper tree care serves excellent help in preventing problems that can lead to unwanted circumstances.

Therefore, always ensure that your branches are adequately trimmed. Ask your landscaping expert to carry out proactive pruning to avoid liability concerns and enhance your property’s overall appearance.

2. Safe walkways and other hardscaping

Are your sidewalks looking unsightly lately? Besides being an eyesore, improper installation of hardscaped areas or side walkways poses an immense risk to every passerby. However, one ideal solution is to replace the entire stretch of walkways with pavers as they offer better safety.

They are also more captivating for commercial apartment landscaping. You can also ask your landscaper to clean the mud to mitigate the risk of falling or tripping hazards.

3. Snow and ice management

Snowfall offers a scenic view to properties, but it demands immediate action if you are a business or residential property owner. The accumulation of snow results in tremendous slip and fall accidents every year. However, hiring a professional snow removal company is one of the easiest ways to ensure the safe removal of snow and ice. Therefore, select a company that is well-experienced in handling these tasks efficiently.

4. Lighting safety

The lack of exterior or landscape lighting can make your tenants or visitors feel unsafe while walking. Inadequate lighting can also intrigue the intruders to lurk easily and hide on your property. Fortunately, adding some energy-efficient, welcoming landscape lighting can significantly help ensure ample safety for your visitors and tenants while boosting the overall aesthetics of your property’s landscape.

5. Water management safety

If your location is prone to heavy rainfall, having a robust water management system for your landscape is crucial to ensure safety. If left unattended, the excessive water accumulation can disrupt your building’s foundation, create mold and mildews, and erode and crack your sidewalks or driveways.

However, consulting with your landscape expert can help you determine the most appropriate water management system, like rainwater harvesting for your landscaping.


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