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The Best Tips to Prepare For The Snow Season

The temperatures might be breaking the heat records, but you should remember that the first snowfall of the winter season is not far away. Therefore, ensure you are well-equipped with all your research and measures to combat everything the winter will shower on your premises. Snow and ice, if left unaddressed, can wreak havoc on your property. Thus, consider hiring a professional and well-experienced snow removal company to help you continue a hassle-free living during the snow season.

Following is a guide to help you understand the right factors to consider when selecting residential or commercial snow-removal services:

1. Start early

It is never too early to begin snow removal preparations. In fact, the sooner you start with the research, the better! One of the practical ways to find a reliable snow removal company is by checking whether your landscape expert offers snow removal services. If yes, then it is recommended to hire them at the earliest before the snow season arrives. This is because if you wait until the snow is in the forecast, you may find yourself last on your potential snow removal company’s list.

2. Get multiple estimates

Before hiring a snow removal company for your property, make sure to obtain multiple quotations to compare the prices and services of each company. Additionally, when finalizing your potential snow removal company, ask relevant questions to understand their working procedure and the services they cover. For instance, check whether they only remove snow or do they also treat ice or if they clear sidewalks, including the public ones? Every service provider works differently, and having clarity in the beginning, will save you the future hassle and help you select the most appropriate alternative for your building.

3. Ask for references

Asking for references is another great way to learn about commercial or residential snow removal services. Check with your neighbors and friends to discover companies offering satisfactory services in your town. Consider asking questions about reliability, accessibility, work duration, and any other potential issues they ever encountered in dealing with their snow removal company.

4. Understand their pricing mechanism

Most snow removal companies price their services depending on the driveway’s length and the complexity of your project. However, some companies charge one set price per season, regardless of how often they push the snow out of your premises. On the contrary, others base their prices on snowfall totals — charging one fee till a certain level of snow depth and adding additional charges for every extra inch of snow over. Moreover, companies may or may not charge extra for treating the ice and sidewalks.

5. Check their tools and equipment

Once you determine the areas where you need snow removal services, do not forget to ask about the equipment they will use. Ensure that their kit looks efficient and well-maintained for the job. This is specifically important to check if you are paying per hour as small equipment will naturally consume more time to complete the snow removal task.

6. Check whether they have relevant insurance

Always ensure your potential snow removal company holds relevant liability insurance to help you avoid any monetary damage to your property. Moreover, once you are done finalizing everything, make sure to get everything into a written agreement. Take your time to go through it, and do not hesitate to ask questions until you gain better clarity. Understand your obligations in case you decide to cancel the contract.

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