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Sod Installation Tips

Sod is grass where the soil is held beneath by the root system or biodegradable system. It is harvested after 18 months of planting and then sold as a square slab or rolled rectangle. Hence, a sod lawn is one of the fastest ways to produce and establish an instant lawn for your backyard. However, the best time to install sod is during the spring to fall. Therefore, if you wish to have an ideal lush, fully-efficient, healthy yard, nothing can beat the installation of sod grass rolls for quick fulfillment.

Following the below-mentioned steps can help you to effectively lay sod in your yard:

1. Prepare your soil for sod

The first step to sod installation is preparing the soil by loosening its top layer up to 6 inches with a rototiller. If you have existing grass, then you would have to remove and dispose of the existing lawn with a sod cutter or a skid steer. Then, disperse 2 inches of screened loam to the ground. Next, depending on the results of your soil test, you can use a spreader to lay down a well-fitting fertilizer and lime if needed.

2. Level your lawn

Consider using an iron rake to batter down any high spots while filling the low holes for the next step. This will help you level up the soil 1 inch below the grade of any flooring area, including the parkway or walkway. Take use of water to dampen the soil.

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3. Lay the first row

For this step, you should locate the lengthiest horizontal edge in your lawn and unroll the first roll of sod on it. It is advisable to keep off the sod while installing it and clear out any footprints as you proceed. Consider smoothening the open spaces or wrinkles by patting down the sod. This will allow you to place it flat against the soil bed underneath it without forming air pockets.

4. Lay the next row

After placing the first row, use a knife to chop off the half of the next piece (as done while laying bricks) to stagger short seams. Once again, you should ensure to adequately shove the sections of the grass against each other without overlapping them. This will make the seam discreet while eliminating the chances of the edge getting dry. If needed, you can use a knife to make holes for the in-ground sprinklers or trim pieces beside the planting bed and paved area.

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5. Water the new sod

Finally, remember to water (preferably every day in the morning) the newly-installed lawn thoroughly to help the soil settle down. During the daytime, heat pulls water via evaporation, and during the night, the wet bed of sod can cause fungal disease. However, you can reduce the watering cycle to every alternate day after the first week, tapering it off to only twice by the third week. Then, like any other lawn, you can sprinkle an inch of water every week during hot summers. Also, you should remember to restrict the foot traffic off the sod during the first week of installation.

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