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Our professional landscaping crew will take care of your home, while you stay warm in your comfort. Our snow removal experts have come up with a system to monitor, clear and maintain results all throughout the winter season. With the right technique, our professionals can make snow removal, salting and winter maintenance a breeze for your home.

Our experts provide high quality snow removal in Calgary and will always be totally thorough and effective with the services provided. Give us a call today to schedule your snow removal services, and we’ll be looking forward to assisting you.

Services Features:

  • Quality Equipment
  • Premium De-Icer Products
  • Free Estimate
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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About the service:

Having to clear away ice and snow after a winter storm can be a real hassle. It can take an individual or even several people hours to complete this tedious and backbreaking task. However, there is a better option. The Lawnfather.

The professional snow plowing and removal service offered by The Lawnfather can help to keep your residential property free from snow and accessible even during the worst winter storms.

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