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5 Lawn Care Tips to Keep Your Lawn Looking Great This Summer

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Having a lush green lawn is a matter of pride for most homeowners. However, maintaining its health and greenery can be back-breaking. Moreover, the summer season comes with great responsibility for lawn care which can be arduous and time-consuming for people with hectic schedules. However, you can always hire a professional landscaping company to offer the best care to your lawn effortlessly.

Read on to find out some great lawn care tips you should adopt to ensure a great-looking lawn this summer!

Fertilize Your Lawn in Early Summer

Lawn fertilization is one of the critical steps of lawn care that can help you protect its beauty. Incorporating it during early summers can give your grass the essential nutrients it might require before the peak growing season. This is important if you reside in areas that experience drought. 

However, while picking the most appropriate fertilizer for your lawn, it is recommended to take the assistance of an experienced landscaping company first to help you inspect the needs and requirements of your landscape.

For instance, if your grass is suspected of struggling with pests or grubs, an insect control fertilizer will significantly help. Similarly, if your area is prone to drier summers, consider opting for fertilizers that support water penetration and boost stronger roots. 

Fertilize Again in Late Summer

The process and need for fertilization are not a one-and-done task. If you aim for the lushest green lawn this summer, you must schedule an appointment with your lawn care service provider. They will also help apply the second layer of fertilizer in the late summer/ early fall. This is an ideal way to get a head start for the upcoming year.

Mow High and Let Clippings Lie

People often misbelieve that a lawn with short grass indicates a healthy lawn. However, this is far from reality. Even if it feels tempting to trim your backyard’s grass to flaunt its greenery, it is NOT recommended. Keep this in mind, especially during the days when the summers are hotter with drier climates.

If the grass is too short, it might get burnt. Moreover, grass with taller blades is better at finding its way to water because they have deeper roots and therefore demands less watering due to better retainment. 

One of the practical solutions to ensure accurate mowing is hiring a professional landscaping company. Their technical expertise and knowledge will help you offer the best care to your lawn. 

Water Your Lawn in the Right Way

Watering is another essential part of a healthy lawn care regimen. While watering your lawn deeply in the early morning hours is recommended, you should not water it daily but for an extended period each week. 

For instance, you can incorporate watering your lawn for 40-50 minutes every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. This process will enable water to soak into the ground, promoting a deep and more drought-resistant root system for your lawn. However, if you still notice water accumulation in your yard, or grass getting dried out, it is best to consult a landscape expert to understand and fix the underlying cause. 

Keep a Close Eye On Weeds

One of the lawn care tips cum routine is to watch out for weeds during the summer season. One practical way to eliminate the risk of weed growth is to dig them out from the roots. You should avoid using weed-killing fertilizers if you have trees, shrubs, or flowers near your grass, as they can also target other broadleaf plants. A reputed landscape company’s assistance is also a reliable way to prevent weed growth on your lawn.

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