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How To Prepare For Artificial Grass Installation

Deciding on artificial grass is an excellent choice. But, if you are thinking of saving some money and installing the turf yourself, understanding certain basics of the process is important. If the artificial grass turf is not correctly installed, the value of an excellent product will reduce, and with the correct installation, a mediocre product can look fabulous. The installation procedure can significantly affect the final look and longevity of your lawn.

Here is all you need to know on how to prepare for artificial grass installation

Step #1- Locating underground systems:

It is best to locate underground pipes and utility systems before digging up the soil to avoid collateral damage. Check for gas pipes and electrical cables in the ground. You may also want to remove any sprinklers or caps since artificial turf does not require irrigation.

Step #2- Preparing the ground:

Many people believe they can simply lay down the artificial turf over their natural cover because real plants will simply die over time. However, you should remove any plants growing on your ground because they can reduce the efficiency of your artificial grass turf installation and make the surface uneven. Use shovel or spade to dig deep and remove the cover from the root system so they don’t grow up from the porous turf backing. If there are bricks or tiles from hardscaping, you may need appropriate machines to remove them.

Step #3- Eliminating weed growth:

Weeds can grow easily even after removing the cover. It will be a challenging task to remove weeds from artificial turf. To eliminate any chances of them growing, you can use non-toxic weedicides.

Step #4- Excavating:

To properly install the artificial grass turf, you will need to dig as suggested on the product. Generally, you need to excavate the ground between 2.5 to 4.5 inches. You may also want to add a sound drainage system if the land does not have it already.

Step #5- Installing borders:

If you want to enhance the integrity and view of your lawn, you can add pavers and a bender board. It will also make caring for the entire landscaping much easier.

Step #6- Leveling the sub-base:

The sub-base layer of your ground will be the native solid. It is critical to properly compact the soil beneath artificial turf to prevent uneven surface, aeration, and undulations over time. Use a plate compactor to achieve a flat surface.

Step #7- Adding base:

Next, you need to add two to three inches of the class II road base to the entire area. Compact it with water and plate compactor until you get ninety-five percent compaction.

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Step #8- Installing the turf:

Cover the area with a weed barrier fabric to avoid any weed growth. Lastly, you can install artificial grass turf.

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