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How To Enhance The Landscaping Of Your Property’s Common Area?

A common area is a shared space where people congregate to munch a sandwich and relax. But keep in mind that these spaces should appear like anything but ordinary! Make sure to build them as the most attractive spot of your property’s landscaping as they can significantly accelerate your property’s value.

A common area can be any place or part of an office park, apartment complex, university, or homeowner’s association. Regardless of the case, ensure it has certain features that make it attractive to the eyes — where people may feel willing to spend time!

Why are common areas important?

Common areas establish a sense of community and entice people to come outside, grab fresh air, and relax.

Here’s how you can boost the appearance of your common area:

1. Seating areas

Everyone appreciates a place to plop down, breathe fresh air, and rest once in a while. Adding lush green plants around your seating area is a great way to boost your property’s overall appearance and value.

For instance, Furnish your courtyard area with a few benches and ask your lawn care service providers to plant the surrounding area with shrubs and flowers to offer your tenants a space to chat, play, or relax.

However, for a corporate campus, consult with your landscape service provider to help make your seating spots comfier by adding the lush green setting to offer a decent coffee space to your employees.

2. Common area gardens

Natural elements like plants, flowers, and trees add texture, shade, and tranquility to any space. Thus, consider adding perennials, shade trees, bushes, or colorful annuals to your shared area to boost the overall appearance of your property. You can also consult an experienced lawn care service to help you pick various plants that will serve a great view of your property throughout the year.

Bonus part — Once you start growing flowering shrubs and other native plants in your common area, butterflies and other hummingbirds may soon begin to flit around your common area.

3. Walking trails

Whether your property deals with the footfalls of office workers, tenants, or college students, walking trails appeal to all. Depending on the layout of your property, consider installing paths or pathways around your lawn and ask your lawn care company to boost its appearance by encircling it with colorful plants or shrubs. This is also a practical solution to help you cut down the unwanted foot traffic on turf areas.

4. Patios

Patios are an ideal place to relax and have conversations with your near and dear ones. They are also ideal spots to add water features like a soothing fountain. Take the assistance of your property’s lawn service company to help you create a separate area with low shrubs that is an ideal place for reading, walking, or having conversations. Consider adding beautiful plants to the patio as they can become an instant focal point for viewers and investors.

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