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Gear up for winter with The Lawnfather

Calgary winters mark heavy snowfall and unruly storms, and while the picturesque snow is scenic from the warmth of your building, it gives rise to property damage risks and personal safety hazards. At The Lawnfather, we provide a range of prompt, efficient, and reliable commercial snow removal services to keep your operations running smoothly to ensure visitor and employee safety. Our team of experienced professionals are comprehensively trained, certified, and committed to providing careful and practical de-icing applications for any commercial property, regardless of size. 

For quick and reliable responses for our customers, we closely monitor local weather predictions to predetermine the best course of action to adapt to changing weather and unexpected snowfall. Skip the Google search for snow removal services; call The Lawnfather!

Commercial snow removal services in Calgary

Why Choose Us?

At The Lawnfather, we understand how essential it is to keep heaps of snow from accumulating in front of your building entrances, walkways, or parking lots. Whether you are looking for short-term snow shoveling or more extensive snow removal using large-scale equipment, our team of experts has you covered with premium commercial snow removal services!

Lawn Mowing

Keep your lawn looking fresh year-round with our lawn mowing services.


Give your commercial property the landscaping maintenance it deserves.

Spring Cleanup

Power raking, aeration, flower bed blowout, debris cleanup, and mowing.

Snow Removal

Sit back and relax while we get rid of all that pesky ice and snow.

Snow Removal FAQ

You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers! For any additional questions not listed regarding commercial snow removal services in Calgary, ask our chatbot!

Do you Provide Snow Removal in any Weather Conditions?
The LawnFather crew aims to provide commercial snow removal services during all weather conditions. However, suppose the weather poses a serious risk for our crews, and we cannot travel to your property. In that case, we may need to postpone snow removal services until the weather permits.
What do you do if there are Cars on the Driveway or Parking Lot?
We would appreciate it if any vehicles were parked off your property during service hours as vehicles with limit the amount of snow we are able to remove. However, vehicles do not restrict us from completing a job and our crews will ensure to remove as much snow as we possibly can, even with vehicles present.
When will the Snow be Cleared Off my Property?
At The Lawnfather, we strive to provide snow removal services at the clients requested time slot. However, our crews perform snow removal services based off area code and address.
What do you do will all the Snow?
Depending on the property and the space allocated to store leftover snow, we generally work to maximize your parking lot and driveway capacities to ensure everyone can safely and effectively enter and exit your property. We can also haul away snow if required.


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