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6 Ways You’re Accidentally Ruining Your Lawn

A lush green lawn reflects the amount of care and maintenance you invest into it. It helps prevent soil erosion and produces organic matter to add critical nutrients to the soil. Furthermore, healthy grass assists the compacted soil in carrying out microbial activity while building rich zones where microscopic life can survive. Therefore, to ensure proper care and eliminate the risk of lawn decay, it is essential to consult, understand, and follow the right tips and tricks advised by a qualified professional.

Listed below are some of the typical lawn care mistakes ‌you should avoid practicing to encourage the healthy growth of your lush green lawn:

1. Frequent watering

Even during the harsh summer season, watering your lawn every day is not advisable. Daily watering encourages a shallow root system, making your grass more susceptible to insects and diseases. However, practicing less frequent yet deep watering will enable your lawn’s grass to establish deeper roots that will make it more robust in the long run.

2. Watering at the wrong time

Mid-day or evening watering is not suitable for your grass. This makes your grass exposed to mildew and fungus at night. Hence, yard professionals recommend watering your lawn in the early morning hours to encourage your grass to make ample use of water and have an entire day to dry out the extra wetness.

3. Cutting the grass too short

Regardless of how appealing it may seem to give a crew cut to your lawn, make sure to resist! Mowing your lawn too short will detach most of the photosynthesizing glass blades, further leading the turf to consume the stored energy from the roots and eventually starve. Hence, you should always ‌cut your grass for only one-third of the length at any mowing.

4. Over-fertilizing

Similar to any plantation, turfgrass also demands nutrition. However, choosing the appropriate quantity plays a critical role in boosting growth. Hence, you should always avoid over-fertilizing your lawn as it can significantly burn down your lawn. Therefore, always take the advice from a well-experienced yard professional before applying fertilizer to your lawn grass.

5. Leaving gear on the grass

You should always make sure to declutter your lawn at the end of each day. Things like pools, chairs, kiddies, and toys left out in your yard can gradually compact the soil, damaging the grass. However, regular cleaning will help you maintain a tidy and enticing yard.

6. Mowing with dull blades

Dull mower blades can rip off the ends of your grass rather than enabling you to carry out a clean cut. This improper cutting can lead the moisture to wick up and expel from the frayed ends of your grass. Further, creating a space for pathogens to enter the turf and dry out your grass, exposing it to severe diseases. Hence, always use shape mowing blades to avoid such unwanted circumstan

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