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6 Commercial Landscape Security Mistakes To Avoid

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Practicing sustainable landscape techniques can improve the aesthetics of your home, further helping you protect the surrounding environment. While some landscape mistakes like planting some extra Tulips are no biggie, other errors can significantly deteriorate the soundness of your property. Thus, if you notice that your old, majestic tree’s roots are causing cracks or heaving in your pavement, or if the hedge of flowering shrubs is impeding the view of drivers, it is high time to consult a landscaping expert for the best advice.

Listed below are some of the significant landscaping mistakes that can negatively affect the integrity of your property.

1. Lack of landscape lighting

While considering fixing your landscape, consider making landscape lighting your priority if you are contemplating where to start. Besides boosting your landscape’s aesthetic look and feel, it also offers safety and security in countless ways. It will help you eliminate the risk of people tripping in the darkness. Moreover, adding adequate lighting to the entrances, parking lots, and sidewalks can help you create a sense of security for your visitors, customers, and workers.

2. Overgrown plants and trees

The overgrown shrubs and bushes can be a great source of trouble for your landscape. It can significantly block the view of pedestrians and drivers or obscure the range of security cameras, offering perfect hiding spots for intruders. Moreover, unmanageable tree limbs can create a hurdle for the people walking by or covering the security lighting. However, an experienced landscaper can help you trim or prune these overgrown bushes appropriately.

3. Uneven surfaces

You should always ensure that your trees are at least four feet away from the pavement. Otherwise, the tree roots that are too close to the pavement can gradually lift it, leading the surface to become dangerous. Thus, consider creating barriers with the help of landscape professionals to prevent the roots from growing under the pavement.

4. Neglecting traffic flow

Pedestrians require clear walking paths. Similarly, drivers also need comfortable parking while being able to see the traffic signs conveniently. Besides, delivery trucks also need some free space to navigate and locate their destinations. Thus, always make sure that your gloriously blooming flower beds and tree-covered parking lots don’t impede the traffic flow or create a hassle for the public.

5. Forgetting about the drainage issue

Drainage is one of the most vital parts of landscape planning and design. This is because improper drainage can vandalize the foundation of your building, leading to costly repairs. Moreover, excessive water can lead to mold growth or create vast ice pools around your building during winters. Thus, it’s important to have a robust drainage plan that allows the water to travel efficiently through your property.

6. Neglecting the snow removal plan

Slick snow and ice on walkways can be hazardous if left unaddressed. It can lead to unwanted mishaps or even injuries on commercial sites. Thus, always make sure to have a comprehensive snow removal plan when dealing with your landscaping issues. Consider consulting a reliable and well-experienced company for the best results to obtain quality work, quick turnaround times, and safety.

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