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5 Reasons to Schedule a Spring Yard Cleanup

Spending time in warm weather and extended daylight hours on a lush green lawn sounds appealing. Typically, the month of March is when most people begin deep-cleaning their homes and schedule spring yard clean-up. This is because, during this time, most plants and grass are still in the nascent stage, and the pests are not yet in full swing. Hence, it is the best time to safeguard and nourish your yard to keep it green and healthy.

Here’s why having a solid spring clean-up plan allows you to enjoy a lush green lawn throughout the year.

1. Helps you say “Goodbye” to debris

Winter breeze and ice can wreak havoc on your lawn. Ice can cause trees and shrubs to lose their branches. Similarly, massive snow can foster hidden snow molds until spring arrives. However, your well-experienced lawn care professionals will help you remove fallen branches, twigs, and dead leaves from your lawn. They will also give your yard some good thatching that will help nourish the grass and allow it to breathe naturally.

2. Enables you to enjoy a one-stop-shop experience

Investing in the entire set of equipment and materials for proper spring yard clean-up calls for a big budget. On the contrary, hiring a lawn specialist is a cost-effective and convenient alternative. They can carry out every task; from carrying bags of mulch to combing the aisles of hardware stores to find the ideal fertilizer. Hence, your chosen team of lawn technicians will take care of all your yard’s needs.

3. Enables you to get rid of gutter issues

Gutters can quickly accumulate dark black sludge due to the gradual breakdown of organic material. While it is an excellent soil fertilizer, it can lead to clogging and blockage of proper water flow inside the gutters. Luckily, your potential lawn service providers can help you dig out and clean your gutters efficiently.

4. Helps you mulch correctly

Most people rely on dead leaves (naturally produced by trees) as the mulch for their lawn. While these dry leaves can be beneficial for your lawn, applying a thick layer or creating a mulch volcano will not help your yard. Depending on your lawn’s requirements, your lawn care professional will assist you in selecting the most appropriate type of mulch for your lawn.

5. Enables you to get rid of weeds

Making use of a solid pre-developed selective herbicide will enable you to safely and efficiently eliminate weeds before they sprout. Such selective herbicides target only unwanted plants, pre-emergents, or weeds, to restrict their growth. Your lawn care expert can help you select suitable herbicides and other techniques to get rid of weeds.

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