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5 Common Landscaping Problems Seen on Commercial Properties

As a commercial property and landscape owner, you will always want your lawn to stand out in the neighbourhood. Having an incredible landscape demands time and effort. Additionally, like most property managers, you may have to wear several hats to maintain your commercial property. Unfortunately, such never-ending tasks pull down the landscaping essentials to the bottom of the to-do list. However, these petty issues can pile up into more significant problems. While these landscaping issues may seem substantial, you can always fix them with the help of a reputed landscaping solution provider.

Listed below are a few landscaping issues that you can notice on a typical commercial property.

1. Poor drainage

Maintaining a lush green, healthy lawn requires an adequate amount of water and other essential nutrients. However, it also demands proper drainage to restrict the water from pooling in and around your yard.

Thus, these landscape drainage issues are inevitable and can show up throughout your lawn. Therefore, when you notice puddles on the lawn or parking lot, consider calling a professional team to fix your landscape’s drainage problems.

2. Faulty irrigation system

Sometimes a lousy irrigation system also becomes a significant concern for a commercial landscape. This can result from natural abrasion or improper installation of your irrigation system. For instance, your irrigation system may not be programmed correctly and spraying at full blast during the middle of the rainstorm. However, you can amend this problem by installing an intelligent irrigation system for your landscape. These systems have in-built rain sensors that shut off the system when it is raining.

3. Timing issues

Proper timing plays a significant role in maintaining the health and well-being of your landscape. For instance, your irrigation system offers the right amount of water to your flowers, trees, plants, and grass. However, watering your lawn at inappropriate timings can undermine its health. Thus, if you own a commercial landscape, consider taking the help of a professional company to determine the best time to mow the grass, plant flowers, and trim the hedges.

4. Limited tree pruning

Pruning plays a crucial role in boosting the health of a tree or bush. Thus, skipping this essential step can make your trees look misshapen and prone to diseases. This can further cause you to lose a tree. However, you can avoid unnecessary costs by implementing a proper pruning schedule. Consider talking to a professional commercial landscaping company to incorporate an appropriate pruning plan for your trees and bushes.

5. Inadequate snow removal

Snowfall makes all the fluffy white stuff scatter around your commercial landscape property. Thus, before starting the shovelling, you should also plan for adequate snow storage, as leaving it anywhere in between can block off parts of your parking lot, leading to more snow removal costs. One practical and cost-effective way is to hire a professional lawn care and snow removal company to enable you to take care of your commercial lawn requirements.

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