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4 Reasons Why You Should Plant Sod Instead of Grass Seed

Sod is merely grass with a small part of soil held together beneath the root system or a thin layer of biodegradable material, in some cases. Typically, sod is used in sports stadiums, golf courses, and the lawns of residential, commercial, or school properties. Hence, if you are considering installing a lawn for your newly constructed house or need to replace a patch of glass in your yard, one of the critical decisions you need to make is to plant sod or grass seeds. While both have their unique pros and cons, sod has become a popular choice amongst many homeowners.

Here we have some top reasons why you should plant sod instead of grass seed!

1. It enables you to establish your lawn quickly

If you wish to establish a new lawn quickly, then sod is a better alternative than grass seeds. This is because soon after you put down the sod, you will start noticing greenery in no time that can instantly help you enhance the curb appeal. While you should not walk on your lawn directly after sod placement, it can handle foot traffic in 2 to 3 weeks after installation; that is when it starts developing its roots.

On the contrary, grass seeds demand more establishment time than sod. Even in ideal conditions, most grass seeds may consume 10 to 12 weeks to develop their root system. In addition, some warm-season grass seeds can take almost a year to grow into a plush lawn.

2. It weakens the weed growth

Another great advantage of planting sod over grass seeds is that you don’t need to worry about weed growth. This is because weed seeds are usually present in the soil, and can quikly sprout when these seeds are met with soil surface during the tilling process. Moreover, grass seeds stand vulnerable to weeds that grow amid green grass seeds. This calls for rigorous weed removal procedures at regular intervals to ensure the weed isn’t overpowering the grass in your lawn. However, proper installation of quality sod develops a robust root system that quickly outcompetes weed seeds for nutrient absorption.

3. It enables you to plant new grass all year

Each grass type has its ideal growing season. Hence, if you plant your grass at the wrong time, the erratic climatic fluctuations can easily disrupt the germination process by killing the fresh grass, or creating weak grass susceptible to diseases.

On the other hand, you can easily plant cold season sod all year round without disturbing grass health. Furthermore, mid-winter is the most appropriate time to install sod in colder areas as maintaining its hydration is easier during this time of the year.

4. It makes the process easier

Most inexperienced gardeners tend to sprinkle grass seeds haphazardly on the surface of their lawns, waiting for the grass to sprout. However, grass seeds call for proper plantation and care, which is a challenging task for a layman.

On the contrary, sod is already expertly germinated in the best-growing conditions. The seeds have already passed the germination stage and are now thriving in sod form that is comparatively easier to take care of, even for a beginner gardener.

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