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Residential Power Raking In Calgary: Remove The Bad, Grow The Good

Power Raking is a great way to remove dead debris and crust that builds up on a lawn over Winter. Power Raking generally involves using fixed knife type blades that slice the thatch instead of ripping it out. Using a dethatching machine, it is set to high so that the blades just skim the surface. Enrich the health of your lawn to excellence with effective power raking in Calgary by the LawnFather. We are professional residential power raking service providers who help you build the lawn your home deserves. Choose us to put an end to dead debris, dead grass, and a crust that builds up on your lawn over winter. Power raking is an essential process of cutting swatches into dead material to remove the dead grass from the previous season. The ultimate goal of power raking the lawn is to allow the soil to breathe and the grass to grow more efficiently. We generally recommend this service once every spring to get your lawn in the best shape for the rest of the year. Power involves using fixed knife-type blades that slice thatch as opposed to ripping it out. It differs from dethatching to an extent. Unlike dethatching, it doesn’t affect the root system of the lawn. Instead, it gently tears out the dead grass material at the surface of the soil, causing the lawn to recover more rapidly.

What Is Thatch?

Thatch is a tightly intermingled layer of living and dead stems, roots, and leaves. It accumulates around the layer of actively growing grass and the soil. Though some thatch is great, an excessive thatch layer can restrict the movement of air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer from getting deep down into the roots. In severe cases, it will make the turf prone to drought and heat stress.

When To Power Rake?

Thatch is a challenge for everyone living in Calgary. It makes it nearly impossible for your lawn to access what it needs. This is where the best power raking in Calgary comes in. It gently removes dead thatch so that the good can grow! We generally recommend this service in late winter or early spring to allow for healthy growth in your lawn over the subsequent months. Although, you can still do a power rake in late spring or even into summer as long as your grass is good enough to recover rapidly. Power raking outside these times can potentially damage your lawn by cutting off the living stem and roots.

Why Power Rake Is The Right Solution For You?

  • Quality Equipment
  • Premium Power Raking Products
  • Removes unwanted thatch or dead grass
  • Enhance the effectiveness of irrigation, fertilizers, and pest control
  • Free Estimate
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Smoothen the surface and stimulate the growth of grass
  • Results in a thicker, healthier lawn
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Let The LawnFather Handle Power Raking

Reduce thatch, improve health, and grow a greener lawn. Improves nutrient and water accessibility resulting in greener, healthier grass. At The LawnFather, we are a team of experts who will work with you to provide your lawn with the best power raking in Calgary that it deserves. With our state-of-the-art power rake tools and equipment, we get down into the depth of your lawn and promote healthy grass growth. Your grass roots will thank you for turning a bit greener, shiner, and stronger in summer because of The LawnFather’s Residential Power Raking services.

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