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Our team is experienced in hedge and shrub trimming services for Calgary and all it's surrounding communities. Contact us online or call us, and our team will get you a free estimate on your hedge trimming needs.

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  • Quality Equipment
  • Premium Lawn Products
  • Free Estimate
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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About the service:

How long it will take to trim and prune your hedges and shrubs depends on the size of them and how many you have. A small hedge may only take a few minutes, but a large lawn with shrubs that are used as a fence line could take hours to correctly trim. This also depends on how long it has been since the hedges and shrubs were trimmed or pruned previously, and the overall health of the plants themselves.

The costs are based on the extent of the work, and how often the pruning and trimming needs to be done. Most people have their hedges and shrubs trimmed or pruned at least twice per year, but there can be cases where more frequent trimming is needed.

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