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Choosing the most appropriate type of artificial grass is not an easy decision. Most lawn owners often focus on price over other factors and end up making the wrong choice. While we admit that price is an essential factor, it is advisable not to neglect the different vital aspects that guarantee the quality of your artificial grass while complying with your expectations. Thus, it is advisable to consult with a well-experienced lawn-care specialist when deciding what type of man-made turf will work best for your lawn requirement.

Here we have a step-by-step guide for you to help you through this dilemma of selecting the artificial turf for your lawn:

1. Type of lawn
When selecting an artificial turf for the lawn, always keep your vision and expectations in mind. For instance, if you are looking for grass to serve the sports surface like a tennis or soccer ground, it is best to choose the grass explicitly made for that purpose. This will help you ensure that your artificial grass complies with the guidelines of the sports federations. Similarly, if you need turf for landscaping purposes, then take the assistance of a professional lawn care provider in selecting the most appropriate alternative for your requirement.

2. The color
Color constitutes another essential aspect to consider while selecting artificial grass. Make sure that your potential turf has realistic tones and saturation. Keep in mind that the mixture of different shade fibers will make it appear more similar to natural grass rather than the lush green turf. Remember- a little bit of controlled imperfection always looks perfect!

3. Resistance to foot traffic
Determining your expectations from your potential lawn plays a crucial role in deciding whether your turf should offer maximum or neutral foot resistance. For instance, fibrillated grass is prone to become shabby and loses its shine with natural wear and tear, offering your grass a natural appearance. On the contrary, a monofilament lawn is known to have a memory effect that enables it to recover its standard height and show better tread resistance. Thus, when planning for landscape purposes, select an artificial turf that offers good resistance to foot traffic.

4. Density
The artificial grass's density is typically measured in Dtex. The more stitches your potential turf will have, the denser it will be. Besides better appearance and feel, a lush artificial lawn can also influence the resilience and recovery of your yard. So, if you prefer a dense and bushy look for your backyard, consider taking help from a reputed lawn professional to help you decide on the best artificial turf for your lawn.

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5. Price
Artificial grass installation can be a significant blow to your budget, but focusing on several factors rather than just the price tag is essential. Moreover, it is crucial to understand that the natural grass's long-term expenses on water and maintenance may alone enable the artificial turf to pay for itself in about four to five years. Thus, you can always consider selecting good-quality artificial grass at economical prices to suit your goals.

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