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Artificial grass turf enhances the look of your entire arrangement, whether you set it for an indoor or outdoor lawn. To get the lush-green display, a vast ocean of choices are available in the market you can opt from. However, how often do you wonder which will be the most appropriate artificial grass for you? And the large variety can also get daunting at times. The most suitable artificial grass will depend on some factors that you should thoroughly consider before making the purchase.

Here are some tips for you to choose the most appropriate artificial grass-

Tip #1- Utility of the Lawn:
Consider what you will use the lawn for. For instance, you can want it for sports, rooftop terrace, or backyard garden. Each type has its own unique set of characters. You may want to go for a monofilament lawn that has a memory effect and does not lose its shape with higher foot traffic. Moreover, if you are using artificial grass for sports, you should ensure it is made for that purpose and complies with associated federation guidelines.

Tip #2- Price:
Finances control most decisions, and the same goes with artificial grass. While it may feel like a huge investment, artificial grass will pay off in two to three years compared to growing natural grass. However, research for your options to get the best price.

Tip #3- Infill and Backing:
The infill helps keep the grass standing and makes it look more realistic. It provides additional resilience, spring, and protection to the backing from the sun. It also cushions the feet as you walk through your turf. The infill can be gravel, silica sand, or crumb rubber. You can also find anti-microbial and anti-odor variants. The backing is the material to which grass blades or fibers are stitched and used to add dimensional stability to the entire turf. There are two layers to the backing: primary and secondary. They both make the back weight required in a heavy-traffic lawn. Polyurethane-backed grass is ideal for extreme heat because it does not expand or contract, while latex is the other choice of material.

Tip #4- Color:
When purchasing a turf, we all tend to choose the evenly-colored bright green grass. However, this can make your lawn look artificial. Choose a turf with olive, lime, and dark green tints to go for a natural look. It is even better if it has little flecks of brown too.

Tip #5- Features:
Physical attributes significantly affect the look of your lawn. Some features to look for in your artificial grass will be the yarn material used, its density, face weight, blade length or pile height, thatch, and product quality.

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